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What are the benefits?

Our retrospectives are sessions that let you review the work your team has done, collect feedback and discover ways that future work can be enhanced. The goal is to help your team focus on what's important to their success by discovering ways to remove any obstacles and adopt any practices that take you there faster. Our hosted retrospectives give you a number of advantages:

  • Offering a fresh perspective – when you’re close to things, you see them in a certain way. By not sharing your context we’ll ask the kinds of questions that could easily expose opportunities that might have otherwise been overlooked

  • Bringing new energy – sitting in the same place, with the same people, discussing the same things is rarely conducive to new ideas! Just introducing a bit of change can be enough to get people to start thinking differently

  • Validating ideas – are you sure that building that micro service is actually a good idea? If it is, can you prove it to your business relatively quickly before asking to go all in? There may be better ways of achieving things and we’ll help you have that discussion

  • Challenging assumptions – we don’t know your team’s history; we’re not biased by any of the former or current constraints you’ve got, and we won’t - by definition - share your assumptions

  • Being impartial – let’s face it: it can be difficult to be brutally honest to someone that has an influence over how your next review will go! We remove that barrier

  • Cross-pollinating good ideas – we’ve seen lots of teams and have run lots of retrospectives! There’s a good possibility we’ve seen some of these types of challenges you’re facing before, and can offer input based on what’s worked well elsewhere

  • One less duty for you! Especially if you’re a tech lead trying to do the right thing but finding the work of organising retros is draining your already demanding schedule


How it works

We host a retrospective for you using best-of-breed practices and help you come up with an action plan so that you have a practical way to take advantage of what you learn quickly. It works like this:

  1. You book your 2-hour session and invite your team

  2. Before the session, we’ll ask you some questions to help get some context

  3. We’ll host your 2-hour session to capture your ideas, feedback and opportunities and form an action plan

  4. You’ll put the action plan into action! 

  5. We’ll have a follow-up session to see how it went and offer any suggestions that you might find useful


What is a hosted retrospective?

Hosted retrospectives help teams go from good to great.

Our hosted retrospectives are an engaging and powerful way to find the most valuable things to improve and introduce fresh energy into the way you work. We’ll help you create an action plan that finds your most valuable ideas and the most practical ways to action them.


Why hosted?

Hosted retrospectives help teams go from good to great.

A key advantage of hosting a retrospective externally is the fresh energy and perspective it brings. It’s often difficult for an internal scrum-master, team lead or project manager to step back and see a bigger picture when they’re so close to the day-to-day activity of the group. By changing it up, teams often find they’re more able to find fresh inspiration and suggest improvements that they hadn’t considered before.


Why us?

We've helped lots of different teams from many types of companies. This includes start-ups, software companies, agencies, and consultancies.
All too often retrospectives miss the opportunity to focus on the positive steps that can lead to progress. We specialise in helping you focus on clear, actionable experiments to give you results and feedback in days. By being able to test ideas sooner you’ll be able to test more ideas, and make sure you’re focused on giving the biggest impact to your team and business.

  • Using best-of-breed practices to help your team drive improvment.

    1 hr

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