About Us


We're Nathan and Richard and we've been working together since 2012. We created Nhance ​to help the software industry recognise the broader impact its engineers can make. Software engineers often know how to do things more effectively when given the bigger picture. They know where any current friction is and where it's likely to come from. By helping engineers find constructive ways to voice and validate these ideas they're able to make improvements to products, processes and ways of working that can combine into significant results. We know this because we've been through the journey and made it through to the other side! The trick is to try to improve something everyday.

A good example is the 1% marginal gains rule. It goes like this: if you improve any process by 1% per day, over a work year of about 260 days, you might think you'd see an improvement of about 260%. Actually, because you're constantly improving a thing you've already improved, you'll end up with a compounding effect (1.01^260) that takes you closer to an improvement of 1,330%! 

This is huge, but even doing half can leave you unrecognisably more successful than when you started and it's something we've helped teams with first-hand. We enjoy helping software teams achieve this, particularly as we started out as software engineers ourselves. Ultimately our goal is to see confident engineers that can offer direction to their organisation and receive the appreciation they deserve for doing so.